The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences


BASES Supervised Experience (SE)

BASES Supervised Experience (SE) aims to provide sport and exercise scientists with the guidance, environment and opportunities that will facilitate the development of the competencies expected for BASES accreditation as a sport and exercise scientist.  For a young practitioner SE is a key stepping stone to a career as a sport and exercise scientist.

BASES Accreditation

Individual Accreditation
A scheme concerned with setting, maintaining and enhancing the professional and ethical standards of those who are actively involved in sport and exercise science.

BASES High Performance Sport Accreditation (HPSA)

High Performance Sport Accreditation
The specialist route to BASES accreditation for those individuals providing sport science services to high performance sport programmes.

Chartered Scientist

BASES has gained Licensed Body status with the Science Council, meaning that BASES accredited members will be eligible to become Chartered Scientists.

BASES Certified Exercise Practitioner

Laboratory Accreditation
A New Exercise Professional Qualification has arrived. Raising the bar for professional quality assurance in those wishing to use Sport and Exercise Science Degrees to establish credibility

BASES Undergraduate Endorsement Scheme (BUES)

Undergraduate Endorsement Scheme (BUES)
A scheme concerned with assuring the appropriateness of the curriculum, resources and opportunities that undergraduate courses offer for training sport and exercise scientists. 

BASES Laboratory Accreditation

Laboratory Accreditation
A scheme that provides clients and service purchasers with a means of confirming the appropriateness of a laboratory to conduct physiological testing.