BASES Committees


BASES operates a number of committees which help to manage the operations of the Association. Committees are made up of BASES members. Appointments to positions on the committees take place every year, with decisions announced at the BASES Annual Conference in November.

If you are interested in joining a BASES committee, more information about the roles and responsibilities of each committee can be found in the  Terms of Reference  document. 


Members of a BASES Committee or Task Group receive 5 CPD credits per year.

The Board

The Board manages the general affairs and policies of the Association.

Name Position
Prof Richard Tong FBASES Chair 
Ian Wilson BASES Executive Director
Prof Zoe Knowles FBASES Chair Elect
Dr Andrew Mitchell Chair of Division of Biomechanics & 
Motor Behaviour

Prof David Broom FBASES Chair of Division of Physical Activity for Health
Dr Adam Gledhill FBASES Chair of Division of Psychology
Dr Mike Price FBASES Chair of Division of Physiology and Nutrition
Dr Ibrahim Akubat Chair of Division of Sport and Performance
Susan Went Non-Exec Director
Satvinder (Vinney) Leach Non-Exec Director
Gregory Koral Non-Exec Director
James Tugwell Non-Exec Director

Division Committee - Biomechanics and Motor Behaviour

Name Position
Dr Andrew Mitchell Chair
Prof Athanassios Bissas Deputy Chair
Idrees Afzal   CPD Representative
Dr Theodoros M. Bampouras Membership Representative
Francesca Collings Student Representative

Division Committee - Physical Activity for Health

Name Position
Prof David Broom FBASES Chair
Dr Lindsay Bottoms Deputy Chair
Dr Miranda Armstrong CPD Representative
Dr Daniel Bailey Membership Representative
Jordan Bell Student Representative
David Osborne Co-opted member

Division Committee - Physiology and Nutrition

Name Position
Dr Mike Price FBASES Chair
Dr Mark Faghy Deputy Chair
Dr Alan Ruddock CPD Representative
Dr Pradeep Singh Chahar  Membership Representative
Emily Pratt Student Representative
Greg Townson Co-opted member

Division Committee Psychology

Name Position
Dr Adam Gledhill FBASES Chair 
Dr Denise Hill Deputy Chair
Assoc Prof Dr Mustafa Sarkar CPD Representative
Sam Kirk  Membership Representative
Callum O'Malley Student Representative
Richard Simpson Co-opted Member 

Division Committee - Sport and Performance

Name Position
Dr Ibrahim Akubat Chair
Joshua Wass Deputy Chair
Dr Ross Cloak CPD Representative
James Mallone Membership Representative
Hayley Noblett Student Representative
Laura Needham Co-opted Member
Dr Adam Grainger FBASES Co-opted Member

Appointments and Remuneration Committee

Responsible for recommending to the Board: Appointments to the BASES Divisions,  Remuneration of BASES paid staff and  Financial policies.

Name Position
Prof Richard Tong FBASES Chair
Dr Lance Doggart FBASES Fellow Representative
Prof Dominic Micklewright FBASES Fellow Representative

Prof Louis Passfield FBASES Fellow Representative
Susan Went Non-Exec Director

Accreditation Committee

The Accreditation Committee manages the BASES Accreditation Scheme.

Name Position
Ian Wilson BASES Executive Director 
Dr Sarah Gilchrist Chair / Physiology Representative
Sue Watson 

Professional Development and Partnerships Manager

Dr Gary Brickley FBASES High Performance/Physiology Representative
Chris Barnes FBASES Physiology Representative
Prof John Saxton FBASES Physiology Representative
Dr Mary Margaret Meade Psychology Representative
TBC Psychology Representative
Dr Paul Jones Biomechanics Representative
Dr Ian Sadler Pedagogy Representative
Dr Tom Clifford Nutrition Representative
Dr Matthew Wright  Strength & Conditioning Representative

Lab Accreditation Review Group

The Committee reviews physiology accredited/re-accredited laboratories and directors.

Name Position
Prof Glyn Howatson FBASES Chair
Dr Charles Pedlar FBASES Reviewer
Prof Andy Jones FBASES Reviewer
Dr Jamie Pringle Reviewer
Dr Rhys Thatcher FBASES Reviewer
Dr Sarah Gilchrist Reviewer
Dr David Green Reviewer

The Sport and Exercise Scientist Editorial Advisory Board

The Editorial Advisory Board helps to shape the coverage and content of each issue of The Sport and Exercise Scientist.

Name Position
Dr Adam Gledhill FBASES Editor
Gavin Thomas Book and Resource Review Editor
Dr Bryna Chrismas Physical Activity for Health
Dr Paul Gorczynski Psychology
Dr Claire Rossato Psychology
Dr Neil Clarke Physiology and Nutrition
Prof Craig Sale Nutrition
Dr Mayur Ranchordas
Dr Andrew Scott Physical Activity for Health
Dr Kiara Lewis FBASES Physical Activity for Health
Dr Robert McCunn  Sport and Performance columnist 
Dr Shaun McLaren Sport and Performance
Dr Theodoros M. Bampouras Biomechanics

BASES Undergraduate Endorsement Scheme (BUES) Review Committee 

The BUES Committee manages the BUES scheme and reviewing of BUES applications.

Name Position
Dr Lisa Board FBASES Chair
Dr Helen Matthews  Representative
Dr Ian Sadler Representative
Dr Adam Gledhill FBASES Representative
Dr Elizabeth Pummell Representative
Dr Denise Hill Co-opted Member

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee reviews all applications for awards and international conference grants.

Name Position
Dr Lee Taylor Chair
Dr Val Cox FBASES Conference Representative
Prof Lars McNaughton FBASES Representative
Dr Mark Goss-Sampson Representative
Prof Alan Barker Representative
TBC Representative
Prof Andy Lane FBASES Representative
Dr Anastasiya Khomutova Representative

CPD Committee

The CPD Committee promotes and facilitates education, training and professional development for BASES members and organises BASES programme of high quality education workshops, webinars and events.

Name Position
Ian Wilson Chair
Sue Watson Professional Development & Partnerships Manager
Idrees Afzal Biomechanics Representative
Dr Miranda Armstrong Physical Activity for Health Representative
Assoc Prof Dr Mustafa Sarkar Psychology Representative
Dr Ross Cloak Sport and Performance Representative
Dr Alan Ruddock Physiology and Nutrition Representative
Dr Andy Miles FBASES Co-opted

Safeguarding Advisory Group

The Safeguarding Advisory Group sets and reviews BASES Safeguarding and Welfare policies.

Name Position
Dr Andy Miles FBASES Chair
Clive Cook Representative
Dr Emma Kavanagh Representative
Katie Richards Representative

Scientific Programme Committee

The Scientific Programme Committee co-ordinates the development and management of the Annual Conference programme.

Name Position
Prof John Saxton FBASES Chair
Dr Ian Taylor  Deputy Chair
Prof Craig Twist FBASES Representative
Prof Lars McNaughton FBASES Representative
Dr Stuart Beattie FBASES Representative
Dr Lance Doggart FBASES Representative
Prof Mike Duncan FBASES Representative

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee is responsible for the development and implementation of the BASES Equity, Diversity and Inclusion strategy

Name  Position
Dr Kotryna Fraser                    Chair                                                                                                                                                             
Dr Sharon DixonRepresentative
Dr John FernandesRepresentative
Dr Richard BuscombeRepresentative
Helen MatthewsRepresentative
Dr Izzy MooreRepresentative
Dr Emma Ross FBASESRepresentative
Dr Tori SprungRepresentative
Ian WilsonBASES Executive Director
Lucinda AbellStudent Representative
Savannah SturridgeStudent Representative

Heads of Department Advisory Board

The Heads of Department Advisory Board is responsible for the designing of the programme for the annual Heads of Department Forum

Name Position
Dr Lance Doggart FBASES Chair
Dr Kiara Lewis FBASES Representative
Jocelyn Tantawy Representative
Dr Martyn Morris Representative
Dr Joanne Hudson FBASES Representative

BASES stands for the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences. BASES is the professional body for sport and exercise sciences in the UK.



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