Sport and Exercise Psychology Accreditation Route 


BASES Sport and Exercise Psychology Accreditation Route (SEPAR) is a programme of professional development, skill acquisition and supervised practice designed to ensure that candidates acquire the knowledge, skills, self-development and experience required to achieve BASES Accredited status. Those who achieve BASES Accreditation via SEPAR will be eligible for registration with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) as a Practitioner Psychologist. Once registered with the HCPC, members are able to use the protected title: Sport and Exercise Psychologist.

Who is the SEPAR for?

The following document outlines some of the key points for you to consider prior to making an application to help prospective candidates to decide whether the SEPAR is right for them:

SEPAR - Is this qualification for me?

BASES is aware that many members interested in undertaking the SEPAR may not currently meet the 'underpinning psychology knowledge' entry criteria. We have therefore formed a partnership with The Open University to offer a 60-credit module that will enable candidates to meet this entry requirement (note: candidates will need to complete this module before they can enrol on the SEPAR). 

View further details about The Open University 'Investigating Psychology 2' module.

How do I enrol on SEPAR?

BASES members can apply to enroll on the SEPAR twice a year, in February and August. 

BASES will be accepting SEPAR applications from 1 January 2020 (application deadline: 3 February 2020).

Candidates are required to complete the  SEPAR Online Application Form by the application deadline (1 Feb or 1 Aug). Candidates will be informed of their acceptance (or requirement to provide any further necessary information) within 4 weeks. Specific information regarding the application process and requirements can be found in the SEPAR Qualification Handbook.

SEPAR Supervisors and Reviewers

If you are interested in becoming a Supervisor and/or a Reviewer for the SEPAR scheme, please register your interest by filling out the relevant form(s) below and we will get in touch with you with more information:

SEPAR Supervisor Application Form

Expression of interest form - SEPAR Reviewer

Information for BASES Accredited members and members on Supervised Experience

It is acknowledged that there are a number of individuals who are BASES Accredited, or are currently undertaking the BASES Supervised Experience scheme, who do not conform to the eligibility requirements to apply directly for HCPC registration as a Practitioner Psychologist and would like guidance on how the SEPAR may enable eligibility for registration with the HCPC.

The guidance notes below outline the options for BASES members who are Accredited or on the Supervised Experience scheme who are interested in HCPC registration.

SEPAR guidance notes for BASES Accredited members and members on Supervised Experience

Information for prospective candidates

SEPAR Candidate Documents

The following documents contain all of the core information about the SEPAR programme, including who the programme is designed for, the application process, qualification requirements and the programme's aims and learning outcomes.

We kindly ask that potential candidates considering enrolling on SEPAR read these documents before contacting the BASES office for more information.

Guidelines and Handbooks

SEPAR - Is this qualification for me?

SEPAR Qualification Handbook

SEPAR Candidate Handbook

SEPAR Practice Placement Handbook


Forms and Templates

SEPAR Competency Profile - Initial

SEPAR Competency Profile - Mid-Point

SEPAR Competency Profile - End-Point

SEPAR Candidate Annual Review Form

SEPAR Practice Log

SEPAR Professional Philosophy Report Template - Initial

SEPAR Professional Philosophy Report Template - Mid-Point

SEPAR Professional Philosophy Report Template - End-Point

SEPAR Directed Reading Report

SEPAR Psychological Demands Analysis sheet

SEPAR CPD Activity Evaluation sheet

SEPAR CPD and Supervisor-led Activity log

SEPAR Dissemination and Citizenship Activity log

SEPAR Monitoring and Evaluation Sheet

SEPAR Reflective Practice Template 1

SEPAR Reflective Practice Template 2

SEPAR Reflective Practice Template 3

SEPAR Reflective Practice Template 4

SEPAR Case Study - Mid-Point Template

SEPAR Case Study - End-Point Template

SEPAR Client-Practitioner Relationship Case Study - End-Point Template

SEPAR Client Reference Template

What are the entry requirements?

To be eligible for enrolment onto the SEPAR it is necessary for candidates to provide evidence of the following:

  1. Professional membership of BASES
  2. Confirmation that the applicant holds all necessary relevant qualifications:
    - MSc Sport and/or Exercise Psychology
    - Evidence of underpinning psychology knowledge (see documentation for more details)
  3. Where appropriate, evidence of a standard of proficiency in the English language to IELTS grade 7 (with no less than 6.5 in any area)
  4. Confirmation from a suitably qualified individual that they are prepared to fulfil the required supervisory role throughout the SEPAR. This means that they hold HCPC Registered Psychologist status, are a BASES professional member, and they have completed the relevant supervisory training for the SEPAR
  5. Confirmation of professional indemnity cover.

Candidates are also required to undergo a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check when they apply to enrol on SEPAR. Confirmation of enrolment will not be granted until the DBS check is complete.

More information can be found in the SEPAR Qualification Handbook.

The Open University: 'Investigating Psychology 2' module

For members who may be interested in the SEPAR, but currently do not meet the necessary entry requirements in relation to evidencing "underpinning psychology knowledge", BASES have partnered with The Open University to offer a 60-credit module that will provide the underpinning knowledge required to meet the SEPAR entry criteria.

Course Provider: The Open University

Module Title: Investigating Psychology 2

Module Code: DE200

Cost: Course fees for the DE200 module vary depending on which country within the United Kingdom you are a resident of:

  • England: £3,012
  • Scotland: £1,008
  • Wales: £1,008
  • Northern Ireland: £1,008

Module Dates: 1 Oct 2019 – 30 Jun 2020

Entry requirements: Candidates must have completed an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject (i.e. sport and/or exercise science-related) and have completed, be undertaking, or be registered on a Sport and/or Exercise Psychology Masters course.

Next registration deadline: Tuesday 10 September 2019

How to register: Candidates will need to download, complete and return a signed registration agreement to BASES by the registration deadline (10 September) and arrange payment with The Open University.

To receive a copy of the registration documents please complete the Investigating Psychology 2 pre-registration form and we will email the documents to you.

Module Content Summary: DE200 Investigating Psychology 2 is the level 2 core module for The Open University's BPS validated psychology qualification. It provides a critical overview of psychological knowledge in the core areas of social, cognitive, biological and developmental psychology, as well as a selection of psychological research methods. It covers a substantial part of the content, knowledge and skills required to become a professional psychologist.

Module Assessment: There are seven different types of assignments designed to assess your knowledge and understanding of core areas in psychology and the methods that you will learn about. These assessments include two iCMAs, a poster, two mini-project reports, a collaborative assignment and an integrative essay. There is an exam at the end of the module. There will be detailed guidance provided for each assignment and the exam and you will also have an opportunity to get support with the assignments in the face-to-face or online learning events.

How does studying with The Open University work? As a student, you will have access to textbooks, statistical analysis software and an interactive virtual learning environment. You will have access to various forums where you can get support, discuss the module content or ask questions. You will be allocated a tutor who will support your learning on this module, including marking and providing feedback on assignments. They will provide teaching at some of the learning events and guidance on forums alongside other tutors. You will have access to a module website, which contains the module content, electronic copies of the materials, assessment information and online resources that you will need for your study. It contains the links to your forums, learning events, assessment information, research methods materials, audio-visual materials, library resources and week by week study planner.

How long does SEPAR take?

The length of the qualification will primarily depend on the time that the candidate is able to dedicate to the qualification and the competencies that require development. As such, the SEPAR is planned to be either 2, 3, or 4-years in duration. It is suggested that candidates discuss the intended qualification time with their supervisor(s) before stipulating the intended duration of their ‘SEPAR Application document’.

There may be some exceptional circumstances whereby candidates can request Accreditation of Prior Experiential Competence (APEC) for up to half of the full SEPAR process (i.e., this is based on the 2-year registration). Any request for APEC must be made when the candidate enrols to the SEPAR.

Finding a SEPAR Supervisor

To ensure that candidates are made aware to whom potential supervisors are, a list of suitably qualified supervisors is available on the BASES website. To qualify for inclusion on the ‘Approved SEPAR Supervisor’ list, supervisors must have adhered to the necessary training requirements and be registered with the HCPC as a Sport and Exercise Psychologist. 

Further information can be found in the SEPAR Qualification Handbook, Section 2.8 and in the ‘SEPAR Supervisor Handbook’.

Programme costs

Programme costs

The total amount payable to BASES for registration will be £3,050 and can be made via monthly Direct Debit or an annual fee. This cost includes all registration and assessment fees, a number of training and development activities.

An initial fee of £650 must be paid upon submission of the SEPAR application form (with the balance of £2,400 paid monthly or annually thereafter). The application fee will be refunded, minus any costs incurred by BASES (e.g. for DBS checks), if an applicant does not meet the criteria to enrol on the SEPAR.

Additional costs

In addition to the SEPAR fees, there may be a requirement for additional costs such as the following:

  • Any additional training and development activities that candidates may need to undertake to fully demonstrate competence. An example of this would be if a candidate does not have at least, a threshold, level of underpinning psychology knowledge whereby they would be required to, at minimum, complete the 60-credit Open University module ‘Investigating Psychology 2’. Access to this module has been specifically arranged for SEPAR candidates and can be completed whilst SEPAR is ongoing. BASES will ensure that the Open University is aware to who is required to complete the module but all payments for the module are to be handled by the candidate via the Open University’s Corporate Registration team;
  • Candidates will likely be required to consider supervision costs;
  • If the placement is being completed in a voluntary capacity, it is likely that that you will need to cover your own travel costs. BASES recommends that the candidate (with the support of the supervisor) ensures that the negotiation of roles, responsibilities and any remuneration are completed with the placement provider / placement supervisor prior to any work taking place.
  • Professional membership of BASES;
  • Professional liability/indemnity insurance. BASES is able to support preferential rates for indemnity cover and further details are available on the BASES website;
  • Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check – although an enhanced DBS will be covered within the SEPAR fee to confirm entry to the SEPAR, candidates are required to cover the costs for the ‘Update Service’ on an annual basis (£13 per year as of January 2019). 

Information for Supervisors, Reviewers and External Examiners

SEPAR Supervisors

To ensure the success of the SEPAR, there will need to be a team of willing supervisors. Whilst all information relating to the supervisor process and responsibilities can be seen in the SEPAR Qualification Handbook, and SEPAR Supervisor Handbook, supervisors will have to meet the following criteria:

  • be registered with the HCPC as Sport and Exercise Psychologists;
  • be BASES professional members;
  • complete all of the necessary ‘SEPAR Supervisor training’ and attend the annual supervisor training workshop. BASES are in the process of finalising its SEPAR supervisor training and this will be via an on-line format. 

The document below provides further information about the role of a SEPAR Supervisor:

SEPAR Supervisor Handbook

If you are interested in becoming a SEPAR Supervisor, please complete and submit the SEPAR Supervisor Application Form.

Supervisor Forms and Templates

SEPAR Supervisor Report Form - Initial

SEPAR Supervisor Report Form - Mid-Point

SEPAR Supervisor Report Form - End-Point

SEPAR Supervisor Observation of Practice Hours log

SEPAR Supervisor Observation of Practice Report

SEPAR Reviewers

It is a requirement for all candidates to have 2 reviewers throughout their SEPAR journey. Reviewers will be required to assess candidates competence at the initial, mid, and final stages of the SEPAR process and conduct a 1-hour mid-point meeting (via e.format) to discuss progress; reviewers will receive payment for each assessment point. 

  • Although all reviewer information is outlined within the SEPAR Qualification Handbook, reviewers will need to fulfil the following criteria:
  • be registered with the HCPC as Sport and Exercise Psychologists;
  • be BASES professional members;
  • complete all of the necessary ‘SEPAR Reviewer training’ and attend the annual reviewer training workshop;
  • follow a supervisee through to the end of the SEPAR process.

If you are interested in becoming a SEPAR Reviewer, please register your interest here.

External Examiners

Interested in becoming a SEPAR External Examiner?

To meet the HCPC requirements for quality assurance monitoring, there will be two external examiners appointed to the SEPAR. The external examiners will need to hold registration as Practitioner Psychologists with the HCPC and be prepared to serve for an appointment period of 4 years (where there will be a requirement to submit one annual report and attend one committee meeting per year).

It is preferred that the external examiner team will comprise one individual who typically fulfils an academic-practitioner role, with another who has an independent/self-employed practitioner roles. 

If you are interested in becoming a SEPAR external examiner, please express your interest to the SEPAR lead, Professor Richard Thelwell (

BASES code of conduct

All BASES members must abide by the The BASES Code of Conduct. This states that “Members must ensure that suitable insurance indemnity cover is in place for all areas of work that they undertake”.


BASES stands for the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences. BASES is the professional body for sport and exercise sciences in the UK.



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