BASES Undergraduate Endorsement Scheme (BUES)

The BASES Undergraduate Endorsement Scheme (BUES) awards endorsement to sport and exercise science courses that provide undergraduates with the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills essential to enter into the profession. 

BASES is a professional membership association that has endorsed sport and exercise science undergraduate courses since the scheme was launched in 2005. BUES is now the recognised standard for all sport and exercise science undergraduate degree programmes in the UK.

BASES endorsement is awarded to courses that meet specific criteria covering the necessary foundation of sport and exercise science knowledge and technical skills, in addition to professional development competencies required to succeed in the profession. When reviewing a course, BUES will consider the curriculum, the practical experience gained by students and the resources and facilities of the institution. Further details of the criteria, application process and review process are provided below.

Our rigorous assessment criteria ensure that only the highest calibre courses achieve our endorsement award. We focus on individual courses rather than whole institutions.

For a full list of BASES endorsed courses, or to search by specific criteria, please click here.

Information for academic institutions (applicants)

Benefits of BASES endorsement

BASES endorsement gives university departments credibility and evidence of quality assurance from the leading UK professional body in sport and exercise sciences

When an undergraduate degree course is BASES endorsed, it sends a message to students, parents, careers advisors, employers, faculty/staff and other university departments that the course provides a rounded and robust curriculum, and the necessary resources and opportunities, to train sport and exercise scientists, ensuring graduating students are well prepared to enter into the profession.

In addition to the obvious marketing benefits of degree endorsement, BUES will also be an invaluable resource (alongside QAA subject benchmark statements) for departments and staff who are validating, re-validating or reviewing sport and exercise science related courses.

BASES endorsement differentiates your course(s) from those at other institutions, therefore it is important to communicate your course endorsement to a variety of audiences through your website, printed materials, social media and public relations' campaigns.

Endorsement criteria

Detailed guidance can be found in the BUES Application Guidelines - below is a summary of the main criteria that must be met to qualify for BASES degree endorsement:

  • Sufficient coverage within the course curriculum of the core knowledge and technical skills in each of the three disciplinary areas; biomechanics, physiology and psychology
  • Exposure to the interdisciplinary study of sport and exercise science
  • Development of skills in experimental design, data analysis and other aspects of research methods
  • A major piece of independent study in the form of a research project or similar in the field of sport and exercise science
  • Opportunities to develop practical/laboratory experience, across biomechanics, physiology and psychology
  • Taught by staff with appropriate professional experience - the programme team must comprise at least two BASES accredited sport and exercise scientists.

How to apply

Application submission dates are in January, May and September every year.

The BUES scheme is currently undergoing a review, with revised criteria and application documents due for publication in late January 2019.

We apologise for any inconvenience. We will be contacting all institutions who currently have BUES endorsed courses once the new BUES documentation has been launched.

Information for students

Benefits of studying a BASES endorsed degree

With so many undergraduate courses available it is important that you consider which is the best for you. BASES Undergraduate Endorsement Scheme was originally launched in 2005 with the aim of raising standards of education provision to students; and continues to be the hallmark of quality assurance and high standards for sport and exercise science undergraduate courses.

To help you make the decision of which course to study, the following is offered as a guide to the key characteristics of a course endorsed by BASES:

  • BASES endorsed courses have been assured in recognition of the appropriateness of the curriculum and resources for training sport and exercise scientists.
  • BASES endorsed courses provide undergraduates with the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and competencies deemed essential to enter into the sport and exercise science profession.
  • BASES endorsed courses cover the three sub-disciplines of sport and exercise science - physiology, biomechanics and psychology - in sufficient depth, as well as covering interdisciplinary approaches.
  • Endorsement ensures that there are good laboratory facilities to which you will have access. This will help to ensure that you get hands-on experience in the methods used by practicing sport and exercise scientists.
  • Endorsement ensures you will be taught by staff with appropriate qualifications, expertise and professional body accreditation, including those accredited by the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES).

Note: What BUES does not aim to evaluate is the quality of the course, as this is already done through internal quality assurance mechanisms under the auspices of the QAA.

BASES Accreditation and Supervised Experience

Individuals who have a BASES endorsed undergraduate degree (and go on to complete a relevant postgraduate degree) will be considered as having the required level of underpinning technical knowledge and understanding for BASES Accreditation. BASES Accreditation is awarded to practitioners deemed to have the knowledge, skills and understanding necessary to be safe and fit to practice effectively as a sport and exercise scientist.

Applications to join Supervised Experience (the most common route to BASES Accreditation) or direct applications for BASES Accreditation are simplified for those who have completed a BASES endorsed course, as the content has already been approved as meeting the standards required.

For a full list of BASES endorsed courses, or to search by specific criteria, please click here.

Information for employers

For employers looking to acquire the best sport and exercise scientists, a BASES endorsed degree course provides you with the confidence that graduates of BASES endorsed programmes have received the curriculum, resources and opportunities enabling the development of knowledge and skills required to train as sport and exercise scientists.

Look out for this logo, or contact us to confirm whether an undergraduate degree course is endorsed by us.


BASES stands for the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences. BASES is the professional body for sport and exercise sciences in the UK.



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