Biomechanics and Motor Behaviour Division

Biomechanics and Motor Behaviour is a title that encompasses the area of science concerned with the analysis of the mechanics of human movement. In other words, it is the science of explaining how and why the human body moves in the way that it does. 

The BASES Division of Biomechanics and Motor Behaviour aims to develop a network of sport and exercise scientists studying or working within these discipline areas and represent their interests by organising CPD and networking events; and developing and sharing useful resources.

If you are a BASES member, check out the Biomechanics and Motor Behaviour Division Hub in the Members' Area, where you can access a range of resources including videos and presentations from the BASES Conference and Division events.

Meet the Biomechanics and Motor Behaviour Division

Adam Hawkey

Dan Robbins
Deputy Chair

Franky Mulloy
CPD Representative

Dr Theodoros Bampouras
Membership Representative

Sean Hudson
Student Representative

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The latest Division newsletter and information on upcoming Division events can be accessed via the Members' Area.

More about Biomechanics and Motor Behaviour

What Do Biomechanists Do?

The following are the some examples of the areas where Biomechanics is applied to either support performers or solve issues in sport or exercise:

  • The identification of the optimal technique for enhancing sports performance
  • The analysis of body loading to determine the safest method for performing a particular sport or exercise task
  • The assessment of muscular recruitment and loading
  • The analysis of sport and exercise equipment e.g., shoes, surfaces and racquets.

Biomechanists are generally involved in attempting to either enhance performance or reduce the injury risk in the sport and exercise tasks examined.

Biomechanics Related Links

American Society of Biomechanics:
Society information, details of conferences etc. and links to other biomechanics related sites. No specific sport and exercise section.

Australian and New Zealand Society of Biomechanics:
Society information, details of conferences, members contact details etc. and links to other biomechanics related sites. No specific sport and exercise section.

Biomechanics World Wide:
Biomechanics World Wide is designed to assist individuals in their search for information on the broad topic of biomechanics. Acts as a biomechanics search engine and listing of a wide range of biomechanics related sites. Has a section for sport and exercise.

Canadian Society of Biomechanics
Society information, details of conferences etc. and links to other biomechanics related sites. No specific sport and exercise section.

CIS - The ISBS Coaches Information System:
This site offers an information service principally aimed at coaches summarising recent biomechanical studies and hosting on-line discussions and debates on current issues. Interesting links for those working in sport to keep abreast of developments and applications of biomechanics in sport.

European Society of Biomechanics:
Society information, details of conferences etc. and links to other biomechanics related sites. No specific sport and exercise section.

Gait and Clinical Movement Analysis Society:
This society is devoted to the quantitative analysis of gait and other human movement, with particular emphasis on analyses with clinical applications. Individuals who are new to this field, or who are interested in learning more about movement analysis may want to examine some basic information documents that have been contributed. The homepage serves as a point for dissemination of a variety of information that is relevant to biomechanics.

International Society of Biomechanics:
Details of member services, conferences and special interest/technical groups. Excellent links to sites to download biomechanical applications and data sets.

International Society of Biomechanics in Sports:
One of the few sites dedicated specifically to the biomechanics of sport. The society site offers details of member services (including the Coaches’ information service – see CIS above). There are also links to the reports produced from various ISBS supported projects at major sports championships.

International Society of Electrophysiology and Kinesiology:
This website is for those with an interest in EMG in particular. Society information, details of conferences etc and links to other related sites. Of most interest will be the reporting standards for EMG which should be followed whenever members wish to publish studies using EMG techniques.

International Sports Engineering Association:
Useful site for those interested in engineering and design related issues in sport and exercise. Much of the site requires password entry details of which are available from the home page.

The home site for the Sport Science discussion group hosted by Will Hopkins. Not biomechanics specific, but contains some general interesting and topical sport science discussions with occasional biomechanics issues.

Teaching Information Service for Biomechanics:
The Teaching information service provides links to a wide range of websites offering data sets, simulations, virtual laboratory sessions and tutorials across the spectrum of sport and exercise biomechanics. You need to be selective but a good starting point if you want to find teaching materials.

The Prescription Foot Orthotic Laboratory Association:
A site for the podiatric biomechanists and those interested in foot orthotics information, details of conferences etc. and links to other biomechanics related sites.

Research Group in Breast Health
Pioneering independent scientific research to broaden understanding, inform product development and raise awareness of breast science and breast health.

Biomechanics Related Journals

Clinical Biomechanics, Gait and Posture, Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology

International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport

Journal of Applied Biomechanics

Journal of Biomechanics

Journal of Sports Science

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BASES stands for the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences. BASES is the professional body for sport and exercise sciences in the UK.



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