BASES endorsed CPD - Certificate of integrative sports nutrition module 2

  • Kingston University, London
  • 13th - 17th June 2018

Enrolment Dates:

Module 1: 11th - 15th April 2018
Module 2: 13th - 17th June 2018 
Module 3: 12th - 16th September 2018


Course provider: The Centre for Integrative Sports Nutrition

Location: London Kingston University, Department of Applied and Human Sciences, Penrhyn Road Campus

Price: £2299

  • Early bird special for first 15 registrants - £1,999.00
  • A 6-month payment plan is available for a 10% additional fee
  • VAT is not applicable on the stated prices
  • 10% discount for BASES members

BASES credits: 10 credits for course completion

Online option:
The course can also be undertaken as online learning with a fixed fee of £1,999.00 and 10% discount for BASES members.


Facilitator: Ian Craig, BSc MSc DipCNE INLPTA, Exercise Physiologist, Nutritional Therapist, founder of the Centre for Integrative Sports Nutrition

The course aims to bridge the worlds of integrative/functional nutrition and conventional sports nutrition by taking into consideration an athlete’s physiological health, training patterns, lifestyle and stress. The underpinning knowledge base of the course will be nutritional therapy and functional medicine - well established working models in clinical health practice, but not yet in sport.

Integrative or functional nutrition means that the practitioner, through their consultation process, seeks to understand the health of the client’s physiological systems and processes, including: gastrointestinal, immune, detoxification, musculoskeletal, endocrine and neurological, plus their body’s inflammatory and oxidative stress status, and nutrient deficiencies/requirements. Through nutritional, lifestyle and often stress/overtraining interventions, the practitioner seeks to rebalance the relevant areas of physiological stress, thereby supporting overall health and performance capabilities.

With an educational and experiential base in both exercise physiology and nutritional therapy, this has been the focus of course founder Ian Craig for the past decade: now, with the growing popularity of functional medicine and the rapidly changing face of sports nutrition, it is an ideal time to launch such a course.

Learning Outcomes and Objectives Modules 1-3

Target audience:

The base requirement for students to be allowed to attend the CISN course is for them to hold a degree (BA or BSc or higher) in a relevant science-based subject (exercise, sports, health, nutrition, medical fields). They will ideally have some experience in the sport and exercise industry, but this is not essential.

Additionally, knowing that many excellent practitioners are not actually degree qualified, the course is also open to individuals who hold a subject-relevant diploma and can demonstrate sufficient prior knowledge and experience. Prior to being accepted onto the course, these applicants will be assessed by Ian Craig, who will ask them for a complete break-down of their prior training, their relevant industry experience and a Curriculum Vitae. This will be done initially by email and if further assessment is required, a Skype interview will be organised. Ian Craig will be assessing how ready that individual is to receive (and benefit from) the training of the Integrative Sports Nutrition course, with regards to gaining value from it, and keeping up with the pace of work, without slowing down the overall flow of the class teachings.


BASES stands for the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences. BASES is the professional body for sport and exercise sciences in the UK.

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