Exercise Physiologist

  • Doha, Qatar
  • 15th November 2019

Employer: Naufar Hospital, Qatar
Reference: N/A
Contract: Full Time/Permanent

Further details:



Provide exemplary provision of high-quality movement programmed to meet the needs of patients experiencing addiction and mental illness, encouraging effective and sustainable behavior change and empowering independent physical activity / exercise participation. 


Reports to: Head Ė Kinesiology & Movement

Strategy and Performance Management:-
 Contribute to the execution of the Physiotherapy & Movementís long-term strategic plan and provide feedback that allows alignment with the departmentís strategic priorities.
 Contribute to the development of annual business plans of the assigned areas of responsibility to support the achievement of financial and strategic objectives.
 Support monitoring and reporting of key performance indicators related to the department to track performance and recommend corrective action.
 Provide high quality expert exercise physiology clinical care, acting with limited supervision to assess, plan, treat and progress patient care across the areas of substance use and behavioral disorders, mental health, lifestyle modification and chronic pain.
 Flexibly manage a varied caseload of both inpatients and outpatients.
 Work as part of a team to ensure effective communication and delivery of care.
 Deliver movement and physical health/well being in-service development within the scope of your practice.
 Support the development and implementation of Naufar service improvement.
 Assist in the teaching of other multidisciplinary team members, clinical and non-clinical staff, and others in order to promote knowledge and use of exercise physiology, and movement in general, to enhance patient care.
Culture Propagation:-
 Support the department in promoting and transmitting Naufarís desired culture with emphasis on patients, empowerment and ennoblement of staff, and creativity and innovation to motivate desired employee behavior and support Naufar in achieving it objectives.
Generic Account abilities:-
 Maintain good working relationships with your team members and all other departments.
 Ensure that you read the organizationís Employee Handbook and have an understanding and adhere to all Naufar Policies & Procedures rules and regulations and in particular those relating to Health and Safety.
 To be responsive to any changes in the department as required by your line management.
 Maintain licensing requirements with QCHP while employed by Naufar in this role
Movement Services:-
 Develop and provide high-quality evidenced based exercise programmes to improve patient physical fitness (i.e., strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and cardiovascular function), in accordance with established guidelines for exercise testing and prescription, regulatory and credentialing requirements.
 Incorporate health coaching techniques, including motivational interviewing, individual or groupbased physical activity education sessions about the benefits of physical activity, and goal-setting strategies to encourage effective and sustainable behavioural change for patients that are experiencing addiction and mental illness, and empowering independent physical activity/ exercise participation.
 Explain exercise programme or physiological testing procedures to patients to help them understand the benefits and any potential risks.
 Interpret patient assessment and exercise programme data to evaluate progress or identify needed programme changes.
 Ensure exercise programmed and specified equipment are customized to individual patient needs.
 Recommend methods to increase lifestyle physical activity and improve their health.
 Assess physical performance requirements to aid in the development of individualized recovery or rehabilitation exercise programs.
 Coach patients on techniques to improve physical performance, such as heart rate monitoring, recovery techniques, hydration strategies, or training limits.
 Engage with patients to better understand their needs and wishes, and review their medical and physical activity histories.
 Conduct validated exercise tests and procedures, such as graded-exercise stress tests, to evaluate patientís health.
 In collaboration with Nutritional Services advise patients about nutrition, energy balance, and ongoing exercise regimens to help them maintain their fitness and follow a healthy lifestyle.
 Utilize outcome measures to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions and present findings to Head Ė Kinesiology & Movement.
 Maintain accurate records for all patient interventions and participation to keep track of engagement and progress.
 Work in collaboration with other sport and exercise professionals such as physiotherapists, dietitians, strength and conditioning coaches, and sport psychologists, to improve programme quality.
 Conduct and promote regular physical health screening and metabolic monitoring (body weight, body composition, blood pressure etc.) to assess health conditions of patients. When necessary consult with Medical Assessment Physicians to considering clinical outcomes, risk factors, physical conditions, and other health parameters (e.g. medication side-effects, sleep, fatigue and/or pain) to develop appropriate exercise programmed and interventions.
 Contribute to the MDT through a patient-centered approach incorporating recovery and strength based models to achieve Patient-specific health related goals.
 Promote healthy eating and an active lifestyle for people experiencing addiction and behavioral difficulties, to achieve physical activity targets.
 Facilitate linkages with community gyms and sports teams to encourage patients to follow healthy lifestyles. 


Professional/Academic Qualifications:-
 Bachelor degree in Exercise Physiology or Kinesiology from a reputable university (thesis-based Masters preferred)
 U.S / U.K / Australia / Canada Professional Accreditation
 Licensed as an exercise physiologist, kinesiologist or movement specialist in home country
 Postgraduate qualification in a relevant subject area 

6. Experience: 

 At least 5 years of experience in Exercise Physiology / Kinesiology including at least one year in positions requiring progressively increasing leadership roles. 

7. Knowledge/Skills/Abilities:
 Knowledge and understanding of pain management.
 Advanced inpatient and outpatient clinical skills (assessment and treatment)
 Familiarity with budgeting principles and procedures.
 Ability to accommodate change in the workplace.
 Ability to motivate, develop and manage people as they work, and identify the best people for the job.
 Up-to-date research skills.
 Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
 Extensive skill handling personnel from a multi-cultural work environment.
 Basic IT skills and ability to use management information systems.
 Decision making and problem solving skills.
 Excellent use of the English language (must) and Arabic language (preferred).
 Arabic Speaking ,reading and writing
 Proficient knowledge and skill base in one or more team sports.
 Ability to work at heights between 5-10 meters with confidence. 

Package description TBD 

Vacancy website address https://www.naufar.com

Vacancy email address recruitment@naufar.com


BASES stands for the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences. BASES is the professional body for sport and exercise sciences in the UK.



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