The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences

Structure and Governance


The Board

The general management of the affairs of the Association shall be directed by a Board, which shall meet normally not less than five times a year and, when complete, shall consist of the Chair, a Chair-Elect (in the year preceding office), Chair of the Division of Sport and Performance, Chair of the Division of Physical Activity for Health, Chair of the Division of Education and Professional Development, Executive Officer and normally two non-executive directors (appointed by the Board). The Board can co-opt additional members. The Elected Officers shall normally hold office for a two year period until the conclusion of the AGM two years after their election and will be eligible for re-election. The Board will report annually to the members via an Annual Report. The members of the Board (excluding co-opted members) will be appointed directors of the Association.

Operational Group

The Operational Group is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Association and is accountable to the BASES Board. It is made up of the Executive Officer (Chair), Office Manager and BASES employed staff. Its main areas of responsibility are to: Assist the Board, Divisions and other BASES Committees to action the strategy developed by the Board; Prepare operational reports for the Board; Oversee the operational management of the Association; and Provide a high quality interface between BASES, its members and key stakeholders.

Appointments and Remuneration Committee

This committee exists primarily as a forum to review the remuneration of the Executive Officer and the BASES Operational Group. Look at financial policies and recommend to the Board appointments to the BASES Divisions. It is made up of the BASES Chair, BASES Executive Officer, two non-executive Directors and two representatives.

The Divisions

BASES has five Divisions, which exist to contribute to the management of BASES by implementing the strategy developed by the Board.

Biomechanics and Motor Behaviour, Physical Activity for Health, Physiology and Nutrition, Psychology, Sport and Performance.

Other Committees

  • The CPD Committee - promotes and facilitates good practice in all aspects of education, training and professional development for those within sport and exercise sciences, and organises a programme of high quality education workshops.
  • The Accreditation Committee - manages the BASES Accreditation scheme.
  • The Awards Committee - manages all awards and grants.
  • The Laboratory Committee - manages the Lab Accreditation scheme.
  • The TSES Editorial Committee - manages the quarterly publication.
  • The BUES Committee - manages the undergraduate endorsement scheme.

Interest Groups

Interest Groups provide an active forum for focused discussion, activity, and debate among BASES members and guests who share an interest in an identified area.

Network Reps

Within your institution there should be a BASES Network Rep whose role is to promote and publicise BASES and its activities. If you are interested in learning more about BASES or getting your institution more involved, then talk to your network rep about establishing a student group within your institution or simply organising a presentation or workshop.


BASES is governed in accordance with the set of principles outlined in its  Memorandum and Articles of Association.

BASES is also governed by  "The Rules", which means regulations, not covered in the articles, governing the Association's internal affairs. The Board has the power to make or alter the Rules, provided such new regulations or alterations are approved retrospectively at the next available quorate general meeting by a simple majority.