The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences

Registered Scientist

We are pleased to announce BASES has received a licence from the Science Council to award Registered Scientist status to their members.

Registered Scientist status is for those who are in their early stages of their career but are not yet working at a chartered level. As individuals progress in their careers and gain more responsibility and experience, they may want to apply for Chartered Scientist. Being a Charted Scientist is the mark of professional recognition and competence in science.

Benefits of Professional Registration:

  • Be publicly recognised for your professional excellence
  • Increase your confidence and skill
  • Stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs
  • Improve your chances of promotion
  • Natural development towards Accreditation and Chartered Scientist status
  • Become a leader within your field
  • Join a worldwide community of cross-disciplinary scientists.

“Having the recognition as a Registered Scientist has raised my profile as a professional by acknowledging my commitment to excellence and continuing professional development.”    Paul Lee, RSci

How do I become a Registered Scientist?

Applicants need to demonstrate their competence across five areas by providing examples from their working life, usually within the last five years, that illustrates how each standard has been met. This is then assessed either online or in an interview.

An applicant for Registered Scientist will need to explain how they meet the below competences:

  1. Application of knowledge and understanding
  2. Personal responsibility
  3. Interpersonal skills
  4. Professionalism
  5. Professional standards.

For more information and to apply for Registered Scientist status, please visit the Science Council website: