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Laboratory Accreditation

Laboratory Accreditation

DSCF0184.jpg All Accredited laboratories are awarded a presentation plaque

BASES Laboratory Accreditation is a quality assurance process that provides clients and service purchasers with a means of confirming the appropriateness of a laboratory to conduct physiological testing. The Accreditation process uses a written submission from the laboratory together with a detailed inspection visit to assess the appropriateness of the laboratory’s facilities, equipment, procedures and staffing. To become Accredited, a laboratory must be under the Directorship of a suitable Accredited Sport and Exercise Scientist, the facilities must meet the standards established for lab accreditation, equipment and techniques must be used with due regard for calibration, validity and reliability, exercise testing and other measurements must be conducted in accordance with appropriate protocols and adhere to safety considerations, data must be accurately interpreted and the feedback provided to clients must be informative and be communicated in such a way as to be useful to the client.

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