The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences

Health and Care Professions Council regulation of the profession of sport and exercise scientist

At the 2010 BASES AGM it was agreed that BASES should seek regulation of the profession of sport and exercise scientist through the Health Professions Council. 

However, in March the Association received two letters from the Health Professions Council alerting us to the publication of a coalition government parliamentary bill. The government “does not believe that statutory regulation in the health sector would be a proportionate approach….a system of assured voluntary registration is considered to be a better way of balancing improving quality with the intention to avoid introducing regulation with its associated costs wherever possible”. The HPC will no longer consider adding new professions – not just us but others who are in the process of developing an application. This is disappointing as many BASES members had put considerable effort in bringing an application close to the point of submission and the move had been enthusiastically supported. However, the process we have been through has led to an improved accreditation scheme, the introduction of certified exercise practitioner, a conceptual clarification of the profession, along with a strengthening of our existing voluntary register, all of which stand us in excellent stead for future development. The BASES Board will look carefully at the next steps.