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Human Kinetics online courses


Keep up-to-date with your BASES accreditation easily and at your own pace with these online education CPD courses from Human Kinetics. Courses feature interactive elements, online videos and tests for a rich learning experience. Endorsed courses start at only £22.99.

BASES is making these Human Kinetics courses available to its members as additional opportunities for them to gain CPD credits. By offering these courses BASES is in no way endorsing the factual accuracy, quality or academic level of the content and members should make their own judgements as to the suitability for themselves, their students and any other clients or practitioners they may recommend them to.

Physiology and Nutrition

Strength Training for Fat Loss - 7 BASES credits

This authoritative continuing education course identifies the advantages of strength training for fat loss and offers programme design concepts to meet specific training and athletic goals

Advanced Reps, Sets and Loads for Hypertrophy and Strength - 1 BASES credit

Complete this webinar exam for continuing education credit after watching the associated webinar. Post purchase, you will receive an e-mail with instructions to take the exam

Extreme Interval Training – 2 BASES credits

This continuing education course provides goal-focused intervals and over 50 dynamic exercises and drills to create extensive and intensive training formats.

Kinetic Anatomy- 13 BASES credits

Understand human anatomy for the purpose of studying movement. This continuing education course guides you through the bones, joints, muscles, muscle attachments, nerves and blood vessels of the body with a full-colour illustrated text


Applied Health Fitness Psychology - 10 BASES credits

This continuing education course includes a text, study guide and exam providing an understanding of the psychological factors that inhibit and promote physical activity and positive lifestyle behaviour change in clients.

Sport and Performance

NSCAs Certified Personal Trainer - 8 BASES credits

The National Strength and Conditioning Association and Human Kinetics have jointly developed an online course to help people study for the world-recognised NSCA-CPT examination. This course includes the e-book Essentials of Personal Training, Second Edition. The e-book format allows readers to bookmark, highlight and take notes throughout the text.

Advanced Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription - 12 BASES credits

This continuing education course includes a text, online video, study guide and exam to help fitness professionals who want to increase their knowledge, skill and competence in assessing clients’ fitness and designing individualised exercise programmes.

Evidenced Bases Assessment of Concussion - 2 BASES credits

Concussion resulting in mild traumatic brain injury is one of the most common injuries sustained in contact sports. This continuing education course with exam takes an evidence-based approach to assess and analyse concussions.

Care and Treatment of Asthma in Athletes - 3 BASES credits

This continuing education course reviews the pathology and basic mechanisms of asthma and provides current prevention and control techniques.

Physical Activity for Health

Physical Activity Instruction of Older Adults  - 10 BASES credits

This continuing education course presents competency-based objectives for fitness instructors and personal trainers to be able to lead safe and effective activity programmes for older adults with diverse abilities.

Motivating People to be Physically Active - 8 BASES credits

This continuing education course offers proven methods for helping people overcome sedentary behaviour and make physical activity a regular part of their lives.