The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences



BASES Fellowship should be considered an accolade that individuals aspire to and an honour that people are proud of and is valued. For 'FBASES' to be placed after someone's name, it should denote a passion and commitment for BASES and sport and exercise sciences. It is also expected that BASES Fellows will act as leaders and ambassadors for the Association.

Purpose of BASES Fellowship

To recognise esteemed professional achievement, skills, knowledge and service to BASES and the sport and exercise science community.
To encourage continued service to BASES in leadership and ambassadorial roles.

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BASES Fellows

Name Year Awarded
Prof Craig Sharp 1993
Prof Les Burwitz 1994
Prof Lew Hardy 1994
Prof Tom Reilly 1994
Prof Clyde Williams OBE 1994
Prof John Annett 1997
Prof Neil Armstrong 1997
Prof Tudor Hale 1997
Prof Roger Bartlett 1998
Prof Steve Bird 1998
Dr Steve Bull 1998
Prof Ken Fox 1998
Prof Don MacLaren 1998
Dr Sarah Rowell 1998
Prof Neil Spurway 1998
Dr Jean Whitehead 1998
Prof Edward Winter 1998
Prof Fred Yeadon 1998
Prof Stuart Biddle 1999
Prof Dave Kerwin 1999
Prof Adrian Lees 1999
Prof Jo Doust 2000
Prof Roger Eston 2000
Prof Jim Watkins 2000
Dr Jan Graydon 2001
Prof Adrianne Hardman 2001
Prof Nanette Mutrie MBE 2001
Assoc Prof Gaynor Parfitt 2001
Prof Peter Terry 2001
Prof Andy Jones 2002
Prof Andy Smith MBE 2002
Dr Adrian Taylor 2002
Dr Sandy Wolfson 2002
Prof Ian Maynard 2004
Prof Tom Mercer 2008
Assoc Prof Craig A Williams 2008
Prof Richard Davison     2009
Prof John Saxton 2009
Prof Kevin Thompson 2009
Prof Celia Brackenridge                            2010      
Prof John Buckley 2010      
Prof David Collins 2010      
Prof Carlton Cooke    2010
Dr Jason Gill 2010
Prof Michael Gleeson 2010
Dr Richard Godfrey                             2010
Dr Brian Hemmings 2010
Dr Costas Karageorghis     2010
Prof Andrew Lane 2010
Prof Craig Mahoney 2010
Prof Alison McConnell 2010
Prof Marie Murphy     2010
Prof Richard Tong 2010
Dr Ken van Someren 2010
Prof Greg Whyte OBE 2010
Prof Keith George 2011
Dr Nigel Gleeson 2011
Dr Chris Harwood 2011
Dr Tim Holder 2011
Dr Zoe Knowles 2011
Dr Kevin Lamb 2011
Prof Lars McNaughton 2011
Prof Joanna Wakefield-Scurr 2011
Prof Martin Sellens 2011
Prof Gareth Stratton 2011
Dr Richard Thelwell 2011
Dr Keith Tolfrey 2011
Prof Vicky Tolfrey 2011
Prof Michael Duncan 2012
Prof Glyn Howatson 2012
Dr Joanne Hudson 2012
Dr Andrew Miles 2012
Dr Michael Price 2012
Dr Roger Ramsbottom 2012
Dr Lee Romer 2012
Dr Aki Salo 2012
Dr Rhys Thatcher 2012
Prof A Mark Williams 2013
Dr Brendan Cropley 2014
Dr Phil Graham-Smith 2014
Dr Stephen Ingham 2014
Dr Dominic Micklewright 2014
Prof Sue Backhouse 2015
Prof Bill Baltzopolous 2015
Dr Gary Brickley 2015
Dr David Broom 2015
Prof Graeme Close 2015
Dr Tracey Devonport 2015
Dr Lance Doggart 2015
Dr Emma Ross 2015
Dr Stuart Beattie 2016
Prof Colin Boreham 2016
Dr Peter Brown 2016
Prof Ian Campbell 2016
Dr Stewart Cotterill 2016
Dr Claire Hitchings 2016
Prof Louis Passfield 2016
Dr Charles Pedlar 2016
Dr Paul Smith 2016
Prof Keith Stokes 2016