The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences


What is the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences?

The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES) is the professional body for sport and exercise sciences in the UK. BASES is a Company Limited by Guarantee Registered in Cardiff No. 5385834. It was formed in 1984 and its Mission is promoting excellence in sport and exercise sciences.

What does BASES do?

BASES provides membership services to sport and exercise scientists and service delivery to external bodies. The core activities of BASES are to provide: quality assurance for the profession through an accreditation scheme; Continuing Professional Development through conferences, workshops, events and publications; a network through Interest Groups and Divisions.

How is BASES funded?

BASES is a non-profit making organisation. Its main sources of income are membership fees and advertising. Financial statements can be viewed in the annual reports.

What category of membership should I be?

BASES has different categories of membership for those studying the area, for those with an interest in it and for those that have formal qualifications in the area. Details can be found on our membership webpages.

How do I join BASES?

You can join online today and pay by credit/debit card. You can hand write the membership form and send by post or you can Ring the BASES Office - 0113 8126162 or 63. Please have your credit/debit card details ready.

To pay by Direct Debit the instruction to your Bank or Building Society requires your signature, so joining online is not possible. Instead you need to download the application form in word.

What benefits does membership give me?

You are joining the largest network of sport and exercise scientists in the UK and there are many membership benefits associated with BASES membership.

  • Build your network and open doors to opportunities using the largest sport and exercise science network in the UK.
  • Continue your professional development by attending BASES workshops, conferences.
  • Work collectively to enhance the profile and professionalism of sport and exercise sciences.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest news, job vacancies and events with a weekly e-newsletter and quarterly magazine.
  • Obtain professional recognition through BASES Accreditation for research and/or scientific support work.
  • Secure international conference funding through the BASES international travel grants scheme.
  • Save money with discounts on events, books, journals and professional indemnity insurance.

Can you help me find work experience?

We are unable to assist with helping you find work experience or review your CV. Please read our top tips of finding work placements or look at the vacancies pages 

I wish to contact your members about my research study. Can you help?

We are unable to assist for two main reasons: we cannot quality assure your research and we do not have confirmed permission to use members' email addresses in this manner.

Do you have any information on careers in this field?

BASES has developed a guide, "A Guide to Careers in Sport and Exercise Sciences" in association with Human Kinetics. This 53-page guide provides information about choosing courses, a comprehensive overview of careers and information on finding a job.

I want advice on what university to study at. Can you help?

BASES, as an independent body cannot assist with specific questions about choosing one University over another. However, with so many courses available it is important that you consider which would be the best for you. To help you with this decision, BASES has developed a guide to what to look for in a sport and exercise science degree.

I am from the media and wish to speak to an expert in a certain area. Can you help?

BASES has a media list of over 60 BASES Accredited Sport and Exercise Scientists. To access the list please contact one of our media contacts.

How do I advertise an event on the website?

Please email details to
This is a free service and all events are automatically published in our quarterly publication The Sport and Exercise Scientist. 

I am the author of an article in The Sport and Exercise Scientist and would like to deposit the full text of the article in my University's institutional repository. How do I get permission to do this?

This is fine to do. We ask that the following note be included: “First published in The Sport and Exercise Scientist, date and issue number. Published by the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences -

I haven't found the answers I was hoping for. What should I do?

Please contact BASES (email ; tel +44 (0)113 8126162 or 63)