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28 Mar 2017 - Spring Conference 2017: Nutrition and Exercise for Health and Performance

The Nutrition Society delivers a range of training and conferences throughout the year.  Our events are designed for a variety of attendees such as nutritionists working with industry, MSc and PhD students working on human nutrition studies, clinical researchers, nutritional epidemiologists, professionals and academics.  Many of our events are accredited by the Association for Nutrition (AfN) and the British Dietetics Association (BDA).

29 Mar 2017 - Case Study of an Adrenally Fatigued, Nutrient-Depleted Professional Boxer


I worked with a professional English boxer over a 6-month period as he progressed towards a world title belt. His endocrine and immune systems were severely compromised to start with, meaning very limited recovery and adaptation from training. I identified nutritional imbalances via functional tests and a detailed case history, and completely refreshed his food choices. Additionally, by addressing his life values and lifestyle priorities, along with the inclusion of some carefully chosen high-grade supplements, he returned to his best shape, but in a more resilient way than before; i.e. avoiding exhaustion and illness when he entered the weight taper phase.

Free of charge

15:00 - 16:00

05 Apr 2017 - Assessment of Movement Quality: Panacea or False Dawn?


Assessment of movement quality, often termed ‘movement screening’, is widely used within a variety of sports. Numerous arguments to support such activity exist; however, the evidence base is often limited and contradictory. The purpose of this webinar is to explore the scientific evidence surrounding movement quality and its relationship to injury risk and physical performance. Emphasis will be placed on the logistics of using the various movement screening protocols outlined in current research.

Free of charge

15:00 - 16:00

06 Apr 2017 - Understanding Your Client, University of Chester FULLY BOOKED

Only for those in second half of BASES SE programme

1.00pm - 5.00pm

£50 half day delegate fee to include refreshments


07 Apr 2017 - Explosive Strength: Measurement and Training Considerations, Loughborough University

Some knowledge/experience of neuromuscular physiology and measuring biological signals would be an advantage.

BSc in Sport & Exercise Science or similar.

10.00am - 4.00pm

£100.00 BASES members, £150.00 non members, to include a year's complimentary membership

Lunch and refreshments included

The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences
The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences

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