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This Consultant Finder has been developed to assist you in locating a BASES Accredited Sport and Exercise Scientist, a BASES High Performance Sport and Exercise Scientist and a Certified Exercise Practitioner. 

To search for a BASES Chartered Scientist please use the Science Council register .

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Search Directory

NameAccreditation CategoryRegion
Abbott, WillSport and Exercise ScientistLondon
South East
South West
Adkin, NickSport and Exercise ScientistEast
East Midlands
South East
West Midlands
Willing to travel
Ahmun, RobertPhysiology - Scientific SupportWilling to travelView
Aitken, VickiPsychology - Scientific SupportOverseasView
Akehurst, SallyPsychology - Scientific SupportEast Midlands
West Midlands
Willing to travel
Akroyd-Jones, DavidInterdisciplanary - Scientific Support
Sport and Exercise Scientist
South WestView
Alfano, HelenPhysiology - Scientific Support
Sport and Exercise Scientist
Atkins, SteveInterdisciplinary - ResearchNorth WestView
Avraam, ElenorSport and Exercise ScientistView
Backx, KariannePhysiology - Research
Physiology - Research
Willing to travelView
Bailey, DavidSport and Exercise ScientistEast MidlandsView
Barker, JamieSport and Exercise ScientistEast Midlands
West Midlands
Barnes, ChrisHigh Performance Sport Accreditation - Physiology
Physiology - Scientific Support
North EastView
Batey, JoPsychology - Scientific SupportSouthView
Beale, LouisaCertified Exercise PractitionerSouth EastView
Begg, BrianCertified Exercise PractitionerSouth WalesView
Bird, JonathanSport and Exercise ScientistSouth East
South West
Black, MarkCertified Exercise PractitionerNorth Wales
North West
West Midlands
Blacker, SamSport and Exercise ScientistWilling to travelView
Bliss, AlexSport and Exercise ScientistSouth
South East
Board, LisaPhysiology - Scientific SupportView
Bond, KatherinePsychology - Scientific SupportSouthView
Botting, MishaHigh Performance Sport Accreditation - Psychology
Psychology - Scientific Support
Boyd, CraigSport and Exercise ScientistYorkshireView
Bradley, ScottPsychology - Scientific SupportWilling to travelView