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BASES International Conference Grants

Number Offered: 6 each year

Target BASES Membership Category: Professional (for the past two years)

Application Closing Date: 1 March, 1 June, 1 September

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Results Available: Within a month of the application closing date

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The BASES International Conference Grants aim to assist researchers to present free communications at international sport and exercise science-related scientific conferences. Six grants for up to a total of £500 are available.

 Grant Criteria

  • The applicant is a Professional Member of BASES for the past two years.
  • The applicant is the presenting author.
  • The applicant has read the Terms and Conditions of the BASES International Conference Grants.
  • The applicant can certify at the time of application that the abstract has been accepted as a free communication presentation at the conference detailed in the application form. Poster presentations are not eligible.
  • The abstract must be the only one submitted by the applicant for the grant. Application forms containing more than one abstract will not be considered.
  • The applicant has not submitted a BASES International Conference Grant application within the past year.
  • The applicant has not received a BASES International Conference Grant within the past 3 years.
  • The conference has not taken place and is normally outside the UK.
  • The applicant must submit the International Conference Grant application form. Only information contained within the application form will be considered.
  • Each application is assessed against the following criteria: The calibre and relevance of the international sport and exercise science-related scientific conference; the impact and interest of the abstract; the applicant’s service to BASES.


Application Information

Closing date

Conference to commence in or anytime


Result notified by

1 June

European College of Sport Science Conference and other conferences in or anytime between June and September

end of June

1 September

The Association for Applied Sport Psychology Conference and other conferences in or anytime between October and March

end of September

1 March

American College of Sports Medicine Conference and other conferences in or anytime between April and May

end of March


Terms and Conditions

  1. In making an application for a grant, the applicant agrees to abide by each of the terms and conditions contained within this schedule, upon and following any award of a grant.
  2. This schedule, together with the requirements set out in the application guidelines and any subsequent grant offer letter, constitute the agreement between BASES and the recipient.
  3. BASES international conference grants are to cover conference registration, travel and economy flights and conference accommodation costs only.
  4. The grant awarded shall not be used for any purpose other than that stated in the grant offer letter. If a conference is cancelled or the scheduled venue or dates of a conference change after a grant has been allocated, then the recipient must notify BASES of the changes, so that the award can be re-assessed.
  5. Only one submission per applicant is permissible in a year. Recipients of a grant can only apply for a grant every 3 years.
  6. The decision is final in all cases and no correspondence will be entered into.
  7. Grants will not be made in the absence of submissions of sufficient merit.
  8. Presenters shall use the BASES PowerPoint Title Slide.
  9. Within two weeks of receiving the grant award letter, recipients of a grant shall contact Dr Claire Hitchings ( to discuss the submission of an article for consideration in The Sport and Exercise Scientist. The emphasis of the article should be on contributing to the continuing professional development of sport and exercise scientists by promoting evidence-based practice. It would typically be a reflective article highlighting what has been learnt from the process and providing practical knowledge that readers can take away and apply. It should be able to answer the “So what?” question. It may take the form of an article, an interview, reflections and top tips, or include a commentary from another person. Please do not submit an article before agreeing with Dr Claire Hitchings the focus, format and word count of the article. Articles that are either extended research abstracts or conference reports will not be accepted. Recipients of a grant are advised to read ‘Guidelines for Contributors to The Sport and Exercise Scientist’. Available:
  10. To receive the grant recipients of a grant shall within four weeks of the conference listed in their grant award letter: a) submit by post an expense claim form, including all receipts to Office Manager, BASES, G07 and G08 Fairsfax Hall, Leeds Beckett University, Leeds, LS6 3QS. b) submit the article (with the agreed focus, format and word count) to
  11. If an expense claim form and an article (with the focus and format agreed with Dr Claire Hitchings) are not received within four weeks of the conference, recipients will not receive the grant and will be ineligible for funding again. 
  12. The payment of a grant is subject, at all times, to BASES being satisfied that all these conditions are being complied with. Failure to do so may result in grant entitlements being rescinded, and grant payments having to be refunded to BASES.
The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences

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The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences
The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences

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