The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences

BASES Expert Statement Grants

BASES Expert Statement Grants

Value of Grants: Up to a total of £1,000

Target BASES Membership Category: Professional

Application Closing Date: Friday 13 October 2017

Results Available: Within two months of the application closing date

BASES CPD 5PTS LOGOExpert statement grant author - 5 credits  BASES CPD 2PTS LOGO Expert statement grant reviewer - 2 credits per statement


The BASES Expert Statement Grants aim to assist the development of expert statements on broad topics, related to the application of scientific principles to sport and exercise science, about which there is interest, confusion, or controversy. The statements are to be written for all persons interested in sport and/or exercise sciences and answer the following questions: What is the role of sport and/or exercise science within this topic? Why is this topic important? What are the issues and what evidence is available? What conclusions can be drawn?

Grant Criteria

  • The applicant is a Professional Member of BASES
  • The applicant has read the Terms and Conditions of the BASES Expert Statement Grants.
  • The applicant must submit the BASES Expert Statement Grant application form. Only information contained within the application form will be considered.
  • Each application is assessed against the following criteria:

1. The importance, impact and interest of the topic

2. The role of sport and exercise science within this topic

3. The expertise of the development team

4. Its uniqueness to existing BASES Expert Statements.

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