The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences

Application Information

All Interest Groups must apply for approval by the Board and must meet the minimal requirements outlined below. An Interest Group can be formed providing it:

  • Has a Convener who is a Professional member of BASES
  • Has terms of reference (including a name, mission statement that is consistent with the Mission of BASES, and objectives that are consistent with the Association's objectives)
  • Is aligned within a Division of BASES
  • Can justify its relevancy to sport and/or exercise sciences
  • Can justify its uniqueness from existing BASES Interest Groups
  • Has a membership of no less than 20 or 1% of total BASES membership (whichever is lower). A register of members must be included with the application.

Applications for approval must be made via the .doc documentBASES Interest Group Application Form.

Please email your application to

BASES CPD 5PTS LOGOInterest Group Convenor - 5 CPD credits per year 


BASES Undergraduate Endorsement Scheme (BUES) deadline 6 May
BASES Undergraduate Endorsement Scheme (BUES) The Association’s endorsement scheme endorses sport and exercise science undergraduate courses and is a recognised standard for all sport and

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